Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking is defined as: A way of looking at problems or situations from a fresh perspective that suggests unorthodox solutions.

Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking are the two components that make up human intellectualization.

If Critical Thinking helps us determine what we know right now, then Creative Thinking helps us address the areas of knowledge yet to be discovered.

There are two basic types of creativity, Fantastical Creative Thinking and Constructive Creative Thinking.

Fantastical Creative Thinking is a type of thinking that is free from objective. It does not seek to solve a problem or give any constructive insight, but allows creativity to flourish in a ruleless world free from conceptualization.

Constructive Creative Thinking uses creativity to find an "outside the box" idea that either provides additional insight or solves a specific problem. Although creative, it is bound by a goal or objective.

In general, Constructive Creative Thinking is a skill set used to solve problems, while Fantastical Creative

Thinking allows the mind to explore original thinking without seeking to solve any particular problem. Having said that, Fantastical thinking can sometimes be a part of the process that leads to Constructive ideation.