Doubting Your Faith

Panning For Gold

25 Nov Doubting Your Faith

Many people believe it’s wrong to doubt or question their own faith, but, when we ask questions that challenge the validity of our deepest convictions, we aren’t weakening our belief system. We are making it stronger.

Panning For Gold

I like to think of Truth as the gold hidden in the dirt inside a pan. In order to separate the gold from the silt, we need a reliable and unbiased mechanism that will challenge all the materials inside the pan. The person panning for gold uses water for this purpose.

The water inside the pan is skeptic of the validity of all the contents within the gold panner’s grasp. The water confronts the dirt and gold alike, and it’s through this mechanism of testing that the silt is exposed and discarded. Skepticism does not challenge the existence of Faith, but is a process that makes Truth brighter and more accessible.

If your belief system discourages Skepticism by attaching fear, shame, or guilt to its use, then the belief system may be afraid the water will wash it away.

Equating Doubt with a lack of Faith is like saying that putting water in your pan is denying the existence of gold.  Isn’t the act of placing water inside the pan an act of faith that gold exists? Doubting our Faith then, is in no way denying our Faith.

Doubt is the very mechanism by which Truth is discovered.  It brings veracity to our Faith and clears a path for deeper and stronger conviction.

Michael Ken