Greeting The World With Open Hands

25 Nov Gassho

Approaching life with open hands is an act of courage.

The practice of Gassho may look genteel, two empty hands coming together slowly in a prayer-like position, held chest level as the head bows in reverence, but this is a posture of fearlessness, a willingness to meet life head on.

Human beings naturally approach the present moment in an unnatural way. We arrive guarded and ready for conflict, either searching for the nearest escape route or ready to strike down anything we do not understand. While we have an extraordinary ability to learn new things, most people prefer the familiarity and perceived control we feel by defining our future expectations based on our past experiences.

Life is lived most powerfully when we are fully present and completely open to new possibilities, free from fear and anger, not running or fighting, knowing our past only repeats itself when we fail to learn and change our behavior.

It is time to approach life in a manner that is gracious, receptive, honest, authentic, and ready for what may come. It is time to a embrace the present moment with open hands, an open mind, and an open heart.

It is time to greet the world with Gassho.


Michael Ken