27 Mar Happy Spring 2016

Hello! I trust your Spring season is off to a great start. I’ve been busy with several projects and having lots of fun writing.

Since my last news update, there have been several posts made on The True Nature of Reality guided journaling series.

Check out these journaling exercises:

Relational Experience
Valid Education
Invalid Education
In The Mix
Rationalization – The Lies We Tell Ourselves

You can also read the following articles that I posted on my Medium.com account:

America’s Drug Of Choice: The Social Meme
How Women Will Save The World: And Why Men Must Fight For Gender Equality
Gassho: Greeting The World With Open Hands
The Magic Of Being Broken: Kintsugi – Embracing Imperfection
Setting Her Down: Learning To Let Go
Unlikely Teachers: Lessons From The Lost
Losing Hope: My Introduction To Reality
Coffee Wars: Post Dramatic Stress This Order

I want to take a moment to thank everyone for their readership.

Take good care and have a great week.


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Michael Ken