The Art of Contemplation Intro – 1

meditative exercise series

05 Jan The Art of Contemplation Intro – 1

Contemplation is defined as the act of thinking deeply or looking carefully at something. It is also considered a type of meditation that can lead one to insights about their own nature and the true nature of reality. In contemplative exercises, questions are presented without providing any answers. It is up to the practitioner to commit to sit and think carefully about the question, consider possible answers, and think about why they may have given one answer and not another. Through contemplation, we learn about ourselves and gain understanding into the inner workings of our own mind.

While one should sit and think about the questions, I find the most effective way to practice contemplation is through journaling. Write the question down and explore it at the speed of writing. This tends to slow the mind down and makes writing less the documentation of an answer and more of a tool that allows one to process the information more deeply, oftentimes leading to answers that are surprisingly different from the initial ideas about the question. It is this process of self-discovery that leads to a clearer understanding of oneself and paves the way for making changes in one’s way of thinking; in one’s way of doing things.

I will start this series on contemplative meditation this week, so get a journal, pen, and commit to finding your own answers about life in a bold act of self-reliance. Please pass this blog along to anyone you think might be interested. Sharing and leaving comments is always appreciated.


*The contemplative meditation exercises are philosophical in nature and areligious, making them accessible and applicable to persons of all faiths and belief systems.

Michael Ken