12 Jan The True Nature of Reality: The Falling Tree – 5

So far, we have contemplated the things we know to be real and the things we know are imaginary. So, in a sense, we have defined two different categories of experience. Could there be a third category we are missing?

This journaling exercise asks you to think and write about The Falling Tree. You may have heard this question before, but today, give some serious thought to an answer.

If a large tree is falling in a forest, but there is no one there to hear it, then does it make a sound?

This question was designed to address two different aspects of experience. The first is the experience of the tree, independent of human presence, and the second is the experience of the person who is either present or absent in the forest. In other words, does the sound of the falling tree differ whether or not someone is there to hear it? And secondly, what is different in the experience of the person who is present to hear the tree falling, from that of the person who is not present to hear the tree falling?

Spend some time thinking and writing your thoughts about these questions. Hopefully, your answers will lead you towards a third category of human experience that we have not yet addressed, but will define in the next journaling session.

Michael Ken