18 Jan The True Nature of Reality: Thistles and Thorns – 9

They say every rose has its thorn, and the imagination is no exception. During the last journaling session, we took time to acknowledge the importance and beauty of human expression, and in this entry, we will not taint the imaginary realm that creates authentic expression in our world. But, there is a dark side to the imagination that can become one of the biggest enemies we will ever face.

While imagination used for discovering the unknown or creating things we know are made up is healthy, a dangerous line is crossed when we create something imaginary and then call it real.

In this sense, imaginary experience that we try to display as reality becomes the enemy of reality, because what is not real is not true. Reality is the only place where we all truly exist; the only place where we can take hold of our daily lives. This is the reason we are trying to find its true nature, so we can return to and reside there.

To run away from reality is to run away from a life full of meaning and fulfillment.

Contemplate and journal about the following:

Why do I want some things to be the way they can never be?

Why do I want to avoid things I can never avoid?

Can I think of someone I know who is going through a difficult time because they cannot face the way things are in their lives?

Why is it dangerous to treat the imaginary as real?

What happens when I make important life decisions based on information that is made up?

Can I name a time, particular incident, or area of my life when I ran away from reality and placed hope or faith in what I wanted to be true? Did this provide temporary comfort? Long term comfort?

Do I have more perceived control over the imaginary or real world?

Michael Ken