13 Jan The True Nature of Reality: Unobserved Reality – 6

In our last journaling exercise, we contemplated the question of The Falling Tree. This question was designed to bring our attention to several underlying principles of human experience.

The two facets of the falling tree we journaled about were the experience of the tree and the experience of the person who was either present or not present in the forest. As far as the tree goes, we can say it will fall with the same experience, whether or not a person is there to observe it. If a person is present in the forest, then they will share the experience of the falling tree, but what about the person who is not in the forest when the tree falls?

While the person in the forest hears the falling tree, the person who is in another city, state, or country will not be aware of this experience. Because they are not present to hear the tree, in that person’s mind, there is no falling tree. The falling tree, and perhaps even the entire forest are not a part of that person’s reality. The tree is real, and it really is falling in a real forest, but for those not present to experience it, all these very real things will not be considered reality. And therein lies the third group of experience that we need to consider when trying to grasp the true nature of reality.  

There is what we know to be real, what we know to be imaginary, and there is what is real, but lies outside of our awareness. 

Think and write about the following:

What is happening in another country right now?

What is happening in the next city right now?

What is happening in the next room right now?

I can imagine the things that might be happening in those places, but they may or may not be the actual things that are occurring. If I am not present, then is there a way to either be aware or become aware of the things that are really occurring?

What is the difference between something I imagine to be real and something that is really real, but lies outside my awareness?

Is there something happening in this room right now that is real, but that lies outside my present awareness?


Michael Ken